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As a forever young attitude, fan artist and fine artist, I have a rather whimsical and childhood aspect I touch on as far as subject and color is concerned. I tend to vacillate between organic and traditional such as in my plant life paintings/drawings to abstract and the traditional unorthodox of the masters. My work consists of a variety of mediums on a variety of ideas and types of art, but I focus a lot on the one-on-one aspect of my subjects. My main themes are rather this idea of separation (isolation/loneliness) and unity, or around these ideas of heroism, adventure, and/or tragedy.


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United States
I'm an artist who enjoys the right-brained side of life. I've enjoyed art since I was cutting, coloring, and sticking ideas for a Valentine's Day project in kindergarten. I started to become more serious about my work in college. As of the moment, I enjoy helping others be it in a creative way or in a community way. My faith and spirituality is what has given me the motivation to stay so far in the art world, but never following a crowd no matter at times how tempting it is to give up and quit. It gives me meaning, purpose, and strength. As far as work is concerned, I do a lot of floral art, abstract art, and photography. I have always loved music and the motivation/rhythm it gives others as well as animation since I have decided to not grow up. This is more of a hobby, but still love to make money on the side.

P.S. Follow me on my youtube channel if you want to; it's a little low tech, but I do believe I have good information even if I don't word it quite well. I do tell more about the pieces I just made and advice and tips on them. Also, (and if not interested, it's okay) I do little Bible study that can apply emotionally and artistically. I promise it's not corny. Check out some concerts and festivals I went to. If you never been to a Skillet concert, you're missing out, man.…

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